This page is a labor of love and, sometimes anger, hosted by me, J.D. Long, a 15 year veteran of the world of insurance, business and computers.  There’s some ramble here, some dribble, and a number of things associated to the R programming language.

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  1. Ali says:


    I saw your presentation on R and Amazon Elastic MapReduce. I recently graduated from university in economics and wanted to get into risk management. I have started learning R and wanted to know if you could suggest a reading list that would teach me risk modelling. While I am more concerned with derivatives and such as opposed to corn, i am sure the process is the same.

    So after brushing up on R and Statistics, what books/online tutorial should I follow that would help me replicate what you do daily?Stochastic Calculas? Econometrics? Thanks and good luck with the blog, i’ll certainly be following it now.


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